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A trip in Monaco

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Shake up your life how to change your own perspective

A trip in Monaco

Why do people like travelling?

Is it because we escape from reality and everyday routine or because we try new exciting things and see places out of the ordinary?

I don’t really believe that there is one and only answer on this question, especially nowadays when everything moves so fast and there are no limits as concerns transportation. Every individual has their own reasons for travelling inside and outside borders, which is amazing, as far as I am concerned, because by closing the suitcase is like one press the pause button on their life for a while. You continue to live but on a different rhythm, more humane and interesting. While you live your home place, you live behind your problems, which enables you to see them in a more holistic approach, so you could deal with them smoothly and creatively. Not only travelling fills mind and soul with memories but also encourages individuals to appreciate what they already have in their life and be thankful for that, something that people use to forget during their crazy life.

Another chapter as concerns travelling is picking up the ideal destination.

Sorry for saying that but there is not such a thing. Every destination is unique for different reasons, while everyone gains different pleasure from its place. For instance, I may be downright happy when lying on an empty beach in the center of the Aegean sea, but someone else may be devastated from that, or I may be both happy when drinking coffee beneath the Eifel Tower and when visiting a Medieval Village in Italy with two thousand residents, which actually exists and is breathtaking because when one enters Dolceacqua in Italy, feels like transferring into the 17th century.

So, there are neither specific ideal destinations, nor appropriate ways to reach them. Each one must find out what best fits them and even try new methods and ideas because life is an endless journey; we should not spend it by doing the same things repeatedly. Try backpacking, camping, cruising, car-driving trips, exotic destinations and traditional sightseeing, everything is magnificent and contributes to personal development and growth.

Today’s article is about my journey in Monaco this September. I must warn you in advance that I am not a millionaire, on the contrary I work for less than three and a half euros per hour, but this is not important. When you think good and you are positive incredible things start happening.

Day One:

When I first entered Monaco was like landing in wonderland, the thing is that Alice was more like a super famous model than an ordinary girl with extravagant imagination. The place is incredibly beautiful, located across the sea, with amazing blue view and fresh air. Every corner is unbelievably clean and renovated, there are skyscrapers next to classy old-fashioned houses. While walking on the main street of Monaco, around the famous casino, you can see across the castle with its high rocky walls and beneath the yacht club, surrounded by luxurious boats, some of whom look more like ships rather that privet yachts. There is plethora of popular designers’ boutiques if one desires to spend a small fortune. What is more, one thing that is easily noticed around town is that people in Monaco take advantage from every empty corner and fill it with something green. You can see trees on terraces, pants on streetlights and flowers planted everywhere. There are a lot of small theme gardens on the city, like Japanese garden, Rose garden and an exotic garden. My favorite is the one around the castle, where there is a big church and a lot of statues around made by well-known artists.

Day two:

The good think about Monaco is that is located in between France and Italy and there are plenty of places around that must be visited. One of these places is Saint Paul de Vance, a medieval village which looks like o fortress when you look at it from the road. It is full of art galleries and shops that sell handmade items. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of options as concerns food and coffee, but it still works for those who appreciate sightseeing at historical destinations. While walking around the tiny streets of Saint Paul de Vance I feel like being transferred on the past which is quite charming. Not to mention that I spent a lot of money on buying local tea and herbs; a good investment for the winter!

Day three:

As I have already mentioned, Monaco is close to many interesting destinations. Another good option for those who like the Italian spirit, is San Remo, a very small city in which a visitor can find a lot of different shops and restaurants. It is close to the sea and the weather is quite shinny and warm. It is very pleasant to have a walk around the city as it is not tiring but interesting on the grounds that the Italian temperament is spread everywhere around. You will see washed clothes to hand on windows and if you have brought your swimsuit during summer you may go to the beach. Don’t hesitate to try the pasta, any kind of it, it’s amazing!

Day four:

Let’s have some fun! Don’t miss Monaco’s Aquarium for the world. The access to it is very convenient as you can reach it by taking the bus from the city centre and in less than seven minutes you are in the front of the Aquarium. It is not the biggest on the world, but you can spend a whole day around. There are lots of varieties of fishes, places to rest, information about the conservation of the species and the procedure for their feeding into the aquarium. On the second floor there is a museum about ships and history of the sea-life evolution. Last but not least, on the terrace you will find amazing view over the city and coffee for a relaxing afternoon. There is also fun park for the children and big turtles**

Day five:

If that is your final day, take some time to enjoy the inner city. Monaco is a unique place because the wealth is depicted in every detail that one may notice. The train station is a must-see due to its long history and construction. While walking around you can take the chance and reconsider values, ethics and traditions as concerns other countries and their financial status. Does money bring the happiness in life? Or not. An individua’s answer on this question depends on personal ambitions, feelings and self-reflection.

Enjoy and take care!


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